Directions to Hickory Ridge Farm


From the Sulfsted Home in Cincinnati:

Head south on Curzon Avenue toward Hunsford Street. Turn right onto Hartwell Avenue and turn slight left onto E.Galbraith Road heading east.

Merge onto I-75 south toward Cincinnati.

Take exit number 1A toward I-471. Merge onto I-471 south to go over the "Big Mac" bridge. Basically, get onto I-75, get in the "fast" lane, and never move from that lane until you are in Kentucky.

As you near Alexandria, merge onto I-275 west via exit number 1B toward the Airport.

After about two miles, take exit number 77, KY9/AA Highway toward Wilder, KY. Turn right onto the KY9/AA Highway.

Take KY9/AA Highway 51 miles into Maysville, KY.

The huge intersection here is KY9 and US62 and US68. Continue straight on the AA Highway. Go past WalMart on the right.

Turn right at the light onto KY11 south towards Flemingsburg, KY. Take KY11 for approximately 10 miles.

Here's the tricky part. Pay attention. Turn right onto Bypass KY11 at the Fleming County Country Club to go around Flemingsburg. If you go straight here, you will be on Business KY11 and you will go through town (which isn't all bad either - stop and spend some money).

Go straight through the intersection of KY11 and KY32 at the light. McDonald's is on the right as is the Shell/Lee's Fried Chicken/Subway store.

At the next light by Davenport Farm Supply, turn right onto KY11 and start heading for the country. Business KY11 is a left hand turn. If you go straight, you are on KY32, and you will end up in eastern Kentucky scratching your head and wondering where you are. We lose a lot of friends right here.

Go past Mama's Kitchen on the left and follow KY11 for another 10 miles. You will go past a sign indicating it’s a left hand turn to go to a town named Tilton.

Continue heading south on KY11, and you will see R&R Express trucking company on the left. Turn right onto Planck Road. There may or may not be a street sign to identify Planck Road.

Continue on Planck Road for about 3 miles. After you pass Peck's Ridge/Tilton Road on the right, you are fast approaching Hickory Ridge Farm, and you will see a black barn on the right. Pull into the drive there. If you go past the blue water tower, you have gone too far. Turn back.

Now if you kept to the plan, there's a good chance either Den or Julie is there to greet you at the gate. If someone is not there, call (606) 845-6994 on your cell phone. Leave a message if no one answers; someone's in the yard and just couldn't get to the phone in time.

If you don't want to wait (really excited, huh?), just climb the fence and follow the road to the cabin. Don't bother the cows and close any gates you have to open to go on. If you get to the cabin, and no one is there, ring the bell in the front yard. If no one is there in five minutes, please look for us because we're probably dying.