Fleming County


Fleming County - Our Second Home

Fleming County is known as the Covered Bridge Capital of Kentucky.

Covered bridges were first built in the 1790’s, but weren’t popular until 1814. At one time, there were more than 400 covered bridges in Kentucky. Only 13 remain with Fleming County having three:

The Goddard White Covered Bridge located just off KY32, near Goddard; the Grange City Covered Bridge, locate three miles south of Hillsboro on KY 111 and the Ringo’s Mill Covered Bridge on KY 158 at Rawlings Road.

The Goddard White Covered Bridge is probably the oldest remaining covered bridge in Kentucky that is still open to traffic.

Melissa Jurgensen has a wonderful site located here where you’ll find photos of the Fleming County Covered bridges among many others. Be sure to visit her site and prepare to marvel at these wonderful structures so well documented by Melissa’s photos.

Fleming County hosts the Annual Covered Bridge Festival held the last Saturday in August at the Goddard White Covered Bridge. Visitors are entertained by live music throughout the day, shop craft booths of area artisans, indulge in area food specialties, and watch heritage demonstrations in grist mill, soap making, broom making, weaving, spinning, basket making, and folk art.

Flemingsburg is the county seat of Fleming County.

Source: Fleming County Tourism Committee, a division of Fleming County Chamber of Commerce.

Goddard White

Ringo’s Mill

Grange City

For a wealth of information about Fleming County, including census and demographics; courts and crime; economic, educational, and environmental trends, and government and history, click here for the ePodunk site.

MapStats, a division of the federal government’s FedStats lists a ton of federal statistics for Fleming County at its site including agriculture, population and demographics, business, crime, and environment.

The official Fleming County internet home is located here.

The official Fleming County Chamber of Commerce home is located here.

KentuckyLiving.com is the online version of Kentucky Living magazine, which is published by the Kentucky Association of Electric cooperatives.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Fleming  County.

Phases of the Moon

Ancient lore dictates the farmer perform certain jobs according to the phases of the moon because the moon’s gravitational pull will affect the outcome. For example, it’s a good time to put gravel down in the road during a full moon when its gravitational pull is the least. Conversely, it’s a good time to drive fence posts during a new moon when its gravitational pull is the strongest.

A dozen historical signs mark significant places within Fleming County. Here’s a link that enumerates them and describes their locations.

Why is this important? Who knows? But for a look at the “Signs of Fleming County, Kentucky” - traffic signs, that is , go to this site. Bizarre, but nevertheless, cool.

And if that’s not enough for you, try this county site which lists businesses, Flemingsburg and Fleming county government officials and how to contact them, history, tourism, and area activities.

For everything political about Fleming County, see the Fleming County page at The Political Graveyard.